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Click below for a virtual tour of the house.

Click here for a Matterport tour of the house.


See below for key elements of the solution.

The SPARC House is a prototype intended for replicability achieved with modular construction,

integrated systems, and the flexibility of an accessory Rental Unit, also referred to in the student project as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). Designed for our future site and clients in Fraser, CO, a distinct part of our target market. We designed this house to be attainable for first-time homebuyers, young families, and seasonal workers who struggle to find attainable housing. The SPARC House consists of three modules, each made from prefabricated wall panels, filling the needs of our target market with the Main Unit first floor (kitchen, living), the Rental Unit, and the Main Unit second floor (master bedroom, master bath, and multi-use space).

Threefold Approach




Fast construction methods like prefabrication and modulatory


Reduce energy, maintenance, and recovery costs in a harsh climate


Provide supplemental homeowner income; motivate local investment

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Simple Homes - Panels.jpg
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The modular component of this home, through prefabricated wall panels, is a key aspect in our solution. We partnered with a company called Simple Homes who is bringing the Swedish modular style of construction to America. We designed and built the home borrowing from Swedish modular style, meaning each wall segment was separately constructed in a factory and shipped to the site. The panels were finished with framing, insulation, weather resistive barrier, and air/vapor barriers, then shipped to the site for assembly.


The panels were transported from Simple Homes to Fraser over the Continental Divide. The panels were assembled onsite in two days.

Panel Setting - Floor - Air Barrier Wrap

Rental Unit

Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 5.07.11 PM.png

Option 1: Use the additional revenue to subsidize monthly housing expenses.

35.8% Savings

Option 2: Use the additional revenue to increase the monthly mortgage payment to pay off a standard 30 year fixed mortgage.

41% Faster

Option 3: Use the additional revenue as a subsidy of the normal mortgage, effectively reducing the price of the home. 

26.5% Savings

The Rental Unit, also referred to as the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), combats attainability on two fronts by creating revenue for the homeowner and provide affordable, quality housing for seasonal workers of mountain communities. Home owners have 3 different options to use the additionally revenue while living in the SPARC home. 

Integration Narratives

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