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CU Boulder is proud to present The Canopy - Colorado's first grid-connected hydrogen home! 

The Canopy will compete in the 2023 Solar Decathlon competition with a state-of-the-art residential green hydrogen generation and storage system. This home combines innovative energy storage solutions with a high-performance envelope to deliver the next generation of affordable housing in Colorado.

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Integrated Design

  • Robust Envelope

  • Resilience

  • Repeatability

  • Occupant Health

  • Low-Utility Cost

The Challenges

  • Small footprint

  • Flood plain

  • Seasonal wildfire smoke

  • Limited parking options

  • Lack of storage

Envelope Solutions

  • Carbon-conscious & recycled materials

  • Continuous exterior insualtion

  • Triple pane windows

  • Mechanical ventilation with ERV

  • Carriage-style home for off-street  parking  and food resilience

  • Rafter system for increased loft storage

  • Passive solar strategies:

    • Orientation

    • Optimized window-to-wall ratio

  • Easily assembled with volunteers

Architectural Solutions

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Black Background_edited.jpg


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Green hydrogen

Through the partnership with Elektrik Green LLC, the Canopy will feature an innovative green hydrogen generation and storage system. 


Energy Storage

To reduce the occurrence of peak demand utility charges, a thermal battery will be utilized to provide reliable, on-demand domestic hot water.


Carbon-conscious materials

The building envelope maximizes bio-based and recycled materials to reduce the total embodied carbon footprint of the building.

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Energy monitoring

Smart circuitry and user-friendly energy monitoring will promote usage awareness and allow the owner to shed loads at the press of a button. 

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Black Background_edited.jpg


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